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The day of your wedding is the most important day of your life, and you want to put forth your best effort to choose a photographer that will capture memorable moments and create beautiful photographs for your wedding album.

You have a lot of preparations to do and important decisions to make, and one of the most important decisions will be your wedding photographer. You’ve got to use good planning and thorough research techniques to choose a great wedding photographer that fits your budget and your sense of style.

Start planning your wedding photography as early as you can, and make the time to interview as many photographers as you can. The Houston wedding photography business is large and varied in professional expertise, experience, style, and price range. Buy a notebook and take notes as ideas for your wedding photography come to you. Think about how many photos you want to be taken, the kind of shots you want the photographer to take, and the people that you want to be in those photos, both group shots, and individual shots. Write down a description of your wedding venues and list out the areas within each venue that lend themselves to great backgrounds for your photos. Keep lots of notes and have them ready to share with the photographers that you interview.

You have a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to photography styles. You can choose from modern, traditional, natural light, illustrative, portraiture, or fine art styles. You can also choose a combination of modern and traditional to create a unique style. The internet is your best friend when it comes to learning the details of each style. Take the time to read about each style as much as you can so that you can make a well-informed decision. You may even want to choose more than one photography style, especially if your wedding venue has an eclectic mix of decor.

A traditional photography style is commonly used for traditional, formal church weddings, while an outdoor wedding may best be captured using a modern style. The venue you choose and your own personal sense of style will greatly affect the way a professional wedding photographer will plan and set the program for your photo shoot ahead of time. Do your research and interview various professional wedding photographers before you make your final decision. The wedding photographer you choose will most probably visit your wedding venue ahead of time in order to coordinate the best camera angles and lighting.

Be sure to plan out the photos you want taken on your special day, and make a list of them to give to the photographers you interview well before the day of your wedding. You have the choice of scheduling your wedding photo shoot for a scheduled number of hours or you may choose to book your photographer for the entire day. Also, be sure to discuss your budget and other important details about your wedding day before you make a final decision about which photographer to use. Every photographer has their own sense of style and method, and their prices vary widely.

When it comes to your wedding the photography is one of the most integral parts of the day. The photographs are the living memories that you will be able to keep and look through for years to come so making sure you have someone who is not only professional but has the kind of style that suits you is incredibly important. So here are a few tips to help you find your perfect wedding photographer Houston.

Decide on a Style

Different photographers will use different styles ranging from documentary, portraiture, edgy or a mix of a couple. Take a look through a different styles to see what suits you best because these pictures will be how you look back on the day in years to come. Finding a style that suits you is integral if you’re going to get the pictures you both want and deserve.

Ask to See Full Wedding Albums

Photographers are just like the rest of us and they will be able to pick out their best photos to put on their website. If you set up an interview with a potential photographer then ask if they can bring a couple of albums with you to have a look at. This will give you a better idea of the overall value you will be getting for the price they’re charging. You will either love all the photos or find yourself spotting a few things you don’t think look good.

Look for Specific Shots

There’s every chance that since you got engaged you’ve been thinking about how this is the perfect chance to get a picture of the whole family together. Maybe you want a picture of your kids all in one place or you want a shot with a grandparent to remember the big day. If this is the case then make sure to look for these photos in the photographer’s portfolio. This is one of the best ways to judge whether this photographer will work for you.

Meet in Advance

Your photographer will be there on your wedding day and they will have a big part of your day so you need to make sure that you get along with them on a friendly level. That doesn’t mean you have to be best buddies but just friendly is important. It is also important to find someone that will have a voice big enough to boss people around so take all these things into consideration.

Get Postproduction Details

Some photographers will edit all the images and give them to you on a memory stick as part of the package. Others will let you pick a set number out of the ones they take. Whatever is on offer, you need to know this before you agree as you don’t want to be let down later in the day.

Finding a photographer is one of the most important steps of wedding preparation but with proper research and thorough preparation you will be able to find someone with relative ease.

So it’s time to plan out your big day. Preparing for your wedding can be one of the most nerve wracking and tedious tasks you’ll have ever to do. This is why you have the birthing of bridezillas. But who wants to turn into that?

You can avoid this by making your wedding planning as simple as possible. And this is where our quick checklist comes into play. Hopefully, you’ve given yourself plenty of time to prepare – say, 12 months? If not, you can still use the following checklist to guide you up until your big day.

12+ Months in Advance

At this point, there’s little to worry about, since you have plenty of time to plan. But don’t get too comfortable. There’s a lot that needs to be done even now. For example, you need to select your date. Some people even go as far as to choose three different dates, just in case.

The budget should also be talked about at this point, so you don’t go overboard. You can also begin selecting your maid of honor, best man, flower girl, bridesmaids, ring bearer and groomsmen.

Search around for different venues to see which of them are appealing. Are you looking to have an indoor or outdoor wedding? This is important to know.

8-11 Months in Advance

During this time, you want to begin picking out the attire and accessories for your bridal party. Make reservations for the ceremony and reception venues. An officiant will also need to be booked. Other professionals you should hire include a DJ or band, florist, planner, videographer.

Start selecting places for your honey moon and hotels for your out-of-town guests.

This is also a great time to start a fitness routine and and beauty regimen. After all, you want to look great for your big day!

4-7 Months in Advance

Now’s the time to play around with ideas for your wedding day hair and makeup. Meet with the officiant that will perform at your ceremony. And make reservations for chairs, linens, lighting and other décor.

The cake design will also need to be selected, along with the attire for the groomsmen. Make sure you have transportation to and from the venues. This is also a great time to purchase your wedding bands. And if you don’t already have one, buy a wedding invitation suite.

If you haven’t already, you need to choose your flowers, book a room for your wedding night and prepare the song list for the DJ or band. A rehearsal dinner venue also needs to be booked.

The Last Three Months

A lot needs to be done at this point, such as creating and mailing out the invitations, buying the toasting flutes, flower basket and gifts for attendants. Reservations should already be booked for your musicians, honeymoon and venues.

Make sure to confirm them all, just in case. Make sure to write Thank You notes to all the guests that gave you gifts. Also, follow up with the guets that haven’t RSVP’d, so you know how many are coming.


This is your special day, make sure it’s properly planned. You can also use Groupon to shop around for deals on shoes, clothes and flowers. If you want to do something unique, you can try out 23 and Me with your new husband!

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